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Kviečiame registruotis į Lietuvos jaunųjų mokslininkų forumą 2017!

Lithuanian Forum of Young Researchers: Life After PhD

Lithuanian Forum of Young Researchers (LFYR) is a unique occasion to meet to share your experience and to learn from those who passed the path you are planning to go.

This year Forum will be conducted in English. We expect international participants to be active.

Young researchers, makers, implementers and observers of science policy and sympathized to the scientific community are welcomed to participate actively in the forum of young researchers. The purpose of this year’s forum is to invite young researchers to share their experience and scientific achievements after the PhD, especially on the international level. There is a wish to hear more ideas, experiences, achievements and thoughts with regard to further career and life of scientists. Thus, there is an aim to collect motivating reports relevant to today’s and future’s PhD students as well as graduate students, who are trying to find themselves. Consequently, not an easy question will be raised in the forum: where to go after graduating in PhD?

Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers (LSYR) has been developing the interdisciplinary and interinstitutional community of young researchers more than ten years. Forum of Lithuanian Young Researchers (FLYR) is a great opportunity for young researchers together with representatives of institutions relevant to them to discuss important issues. We believe that this event will help young researchers to become aware of the most important tendencies of the scientific career. Also, it will be a place where politicians, researchers and entrepreneurs will have a great possibility to discuss relevant issues and situation of young researchers.

Lithuanian Forum of Young Researchers is organized by Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers in cooperation with PhD association of ASU “Kolegos”.

Coordinator of the Forum of Lithuanian Young Researchers Dalia Karlaitė, email:

Daugiau informačijos apie renginį ir programą rasite čia.


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