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Financial administration and auditing

Dear Colleague,

As you are probably aware of, simplified audit and control systems were introduced in the frame of the new programming period. Hence understanding all novelties (investment focus, financial rules, reporting changes etc) before starting your next Horizon Europe project is of paramount importance.

At the same time, projects funded under H2020 remain subject to EC surveillance for as long as five years after their completion. Therefore, being adequately prepared for a possible audit is a must-have attribute for H2020 projects managers. For this reason, we worked with former Auditors of the European Commission to update the course on "Financial Administration & Auditing Preparation for E.C. Funded Projects", aiming to cover both periods and to help simplify the transition from the previous to the new programme. This course has been specifically designed to address the needs of project managers, accountants, financial officers, controllers of both H2020 and Horizon Europe projects. View and download the course's agenda and upcoming dates and location here.


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