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Eurodoc Survey on Publishing in Open Science for Early Career Researchers

Later this year, the European Commission will launch 'Open Research Europe' (ORE), an Open Access Publishing Platform for Horizon 2020 beneficiaries. ORE will offer rapid publication of a wide range of article types without editorial bias. All articles will benefit from transparent peer review and will be published under an open license. ORE is a significant step towards Open Science in Europe. Eurodoc, as an expert partner in the ORE project, will ensure that the voice of early-career researchers (ECRs) is heard.

In order to contribute to the ORE Project and formulate recommendations from the ECRs point of view, Eurodoc is launching a Survey on Publishing in Open Science -

The survey is short (will require only about 7 minutes to complete), anonymous and aims to provide the ORE project team with insights related to awareness, perception and experience with open practices and tools, from the perspective of doctoral candidates and junior researchers.

We ask all European researchers to fill in the survey and help disseminating it. Let’s make an impact together!

Let's make an impact together! Thanks!


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