Smithy of Ideas 2015

                                                         Topic “Challenge!”


Let’s meet! We are inviting You not to miss the SMITHY OF IDEAS 2015 this September! The part of its’ time we will spend being serious in presenting our scientific research activities, listening to other young researchers and scientists, discussing about the challenges in the science and “outside the science”. The rest of the time we will spend entertaining: learning something new, solving tasks of interactive games, watching the movies or participating in excursion which is worth being named as challenge!

On September 26-27, 2015 Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers (LSYR) is organizing scientific camp-seminar “Smithy of Ideas 2015”. The main purpose of this event is to encourage mutual communication and cooperation between the young scientists in various fields of science.

This years’ camp will focus on the challenges which are unavoidable for every young researcher and scientist seeking foreseen professional purposes or fulfilling professional ambitions. It would be useful for everyone to share experiences and ideas, as well to hear how were made certain discoveries not only in practical scientific activity, but also in career development decisions. It is expected that during the discussions will be possible to raise the main problems and try to find their solutions, which maybe sometimes are worth to have the name “challenges”.

So preparing to present own research topics which would be well understood for representatives of other fields of science, would be useful to share experience about the challenges and problems, which arose during conducting scientific activity, also if they were solved or not. The messages can be delivered orally, providing information on stands, using the projector or other media as well. Please inform about Your needs in advance.

Registration and summaries of presentations should be provided before the 4th of September.

Registration: After the end of registration (after 4th of September). Your participation will be confirmed by e-mail. The number of participants is limited.


Important! Once registered, but have not sent the summaries of presentations will be deleted from the list of participants. The summaries should be provided:

Guidelines to prepare the presentations:

Venue: Recreation and sport base of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Aukstadvaris, Trakai District.




Phone No.: +370 623 42474